Mew Seal: Bedtime Mouth Tape
Mew Seal: Bedtime Mouth Tape

Mew Seal: Bedtime Mouth Tape

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Our enhanced Mouth Tape is designed for comfortable and effective sleep. Made to improve nasal breathing and nighttime mewing.

Mouth breathing has been shown to negatively affect one's facial development, making mouth breathers less attractive. Try Mew Seal for long-term facial aesthetic benefits.

As low as $.49 cents / day for your jaw and sleep quality 


Let the results speak for themselves


The journey to improved facial and jaw development is unique to each individual. While consistent use of our product will enhance nasal breathing for everyone, factors like age and adherence to usage guidelines will influence the changes in facial structure. Some may notice subtle enhancements, while others could see more pronounced development. Remember, consistency is key—regular use is crucial for achieving the best results.

Yes, facial development gains from consistent use are permanent. While being overweight may obscure visibility, the structural improvements are enduring and will remain once achieved.

Simply remove the backing to reveal the adhesive, then firmly apply the tape to your cleaned and dried face. It's designed to stay secure throughout the night, enhancing your breathing and supporting jaw development.